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Christy Hare, Detoxification Specialist Coach

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Just like lemons, oranges are another one of the detoxification dynamos, but we all know that oranges are a little sweeter. Oranges are an excellent natural source of vitamin C, as well as a good source of fiber. Oranges also convert to alkaline ash inside the body. Oranges are an excellent way to wake up the body, get the lymph moving, and get those kidneys filtering!
Show yourself a little love every day! Before you know it, you could be unlocking another level of detoxification and closer to the health goals you set out to achieve!
- Dr. Robert Morse N.D.
Iridology is probably the best tool for seeing a snapshot of our health and is the only method for assessing the lymphatic system and other soft tissues of the body. I can study your iris to assess genetic weakness and lymphatic congestion in specific parts of the body, then use that assessment to build herbal protocols for restoring your health.

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Remember that detoxification is a process, sometimes a lengthy one depending on our personal histories and genetics! Just trust in the process and know that if you are eating raw and taking herbs, your body is detoxing whether it’s immediately noticeable or not!